If the voices could allow me  

To give ears to the vital murmuring

That finds itself peeping through the walls of my room

And formulate a resultant of hope and enthusiasm


If I were allowed

To face the direction of the generating thud

And instrumate it with sheer eagerness

And a heart of anti-guilt


For how long will I keep wondering

Wondering to suffer a loss

And pretend effortfully that nothing happened

Behind the scenes ..throwing in towels apparently

# aKaNa (c)2014images



Night will soon come
The sun rays are gradually fading out
Time and tide may prove once again to await no one
Procastination may also filch without notice

Darkness may become a robust shadow
When the journey request accomplishment
The folksayers’ song may replenish bountifully
And serenity may be a thing of thing of the past

Watch ye the cold-lonely conditions
Crawing along with the ‘all lost’ era
Had I known being a murmur
Will call for no appeal, due to fear of guilt

The call for resonance
An experience in isolation
Has yet no recognition
And has embraced fatality

Hands wave in the joyous breed
Worry finds no place
Determinent, one may say
Ranges sequencially with circulatory eventsimages

My Life

I have walked through the thick thorns
I saw the trembling rocks gravitating toward me
My feet stood on reluctant ground
And my sorrow was enormous as sea

The sun mourned shamefully
And the moon kept mute at night
Nothing seemed to be bothered
Individualism was fit to match independence

Now,the trigger has agreed not to act
The forest has experienced fertility
Joy is recognized conspicuously
The thin thread facilitates my feet

How then, ye troubles
Do you seek my company
And plan me a tragedy
In such a fruitful period

I have had my own feel
And sued the zeal
The steps have been so keen
But saw no dew

I feel the heat
And eat meat
I keep and seek
Like the mild and meekimages